Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Bad Parenting: Item #468

Yes it's another true confession post. An admission of bad parenting.

First and foremost it is a depiction of my inability to remove my ego and pride from parenting. It is knowing my child is fallible and entitled, but not handling it in a proper way.

It is me unleashing my frustration.

#468 Don't call your kid names and tease them like a mean kid on the school yard.

That is my great advice to you all.

Don't do as I did and will probably do again.

I just lost it with The Kid's attitude. His apathy about certain things and the entitlement "Get me some milk." or whatever choppy demand he gives,  has just been growing on me like a callous. I am trying to tolerate it and ask him to ask nicely etc. However he is just so expectant without much awareness of what other people are doing. (cooking, packing a lunch, trying to keep you from walking into the street w/o looking) etc.

On the other hand I have also been frustrated and pushy and bossy to try and "help" him.  

But I lost it today. I called him a "brat".

We did not part friends this morning. I was a meanie.

We gave each other cold stares at drop-off.

I really am my own worst enemy. Who do I think he is emulating in these moments of selfishness? Who do I think he is learning his impatience from?

Ugh. This is why I can only manage one. I lack depth.

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  1. Hey, our kids share the same nickname--brat! Write my name next to your on the bad parent list. gah.