Monday, April 30, 2012

Family Quotes: Weekend Decisions Edition

This weekend was busy but not overwhelming. So in between the social and the exercise, our family found it's decisive moments.

1) Husband to wife and child, On The Kid and I discussing why we left his gym bag at the soccer field. "I thought you had it?" "Well I thought you had it.": I will never leave anything valuable with either of you. 

2) The Kid, On family planned meals: I really don't care what we eat for dinner. I just don't want what we had last night. When asked why he responds, "Well ... we had it last night."

3) The Kid on his old footwear: "I won't ever wear those shoes again. I tried to tell you and Dad. They still smell since I stepped in poo. I don't even think it was dog. I think it was ... cat! It doesn't matter, throw them away. I will never wear them again."

4) Me, on reminding my son to say, "thank you" to the nice lady at Supercuts that trimmed his coif after his general reluctance, "It's two words. Say. Them." I think I growled. His eyes started to water. I know he was feeling shy about it. I know I didn't care.

His father says, he was mad because The Kid actually had said it already (he had heard), I just hadn't heard. 

Humor me and say it, or tell me like a normal human being that you already said it.

5) The Kid on the success of his haircut after we all told him how good it looked: "I like it. I liked it better before."

6) Me, on having some free time: "Yeah it was great. Wow, I really got nothing done though did I?"

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