Thursday, April 19, 2012


Guess what I have been? That's right! I think it's a case of distracted brought about an acute case of exhaustion. If only I were a young ingenue they could jet me off to a retreat or spa or lock me down in a 5-star hotel for some much needed recuperation.

Alas, I am a working soccer Mom with a knitting problem and a date to keep with cardio. There are no personal assistants, there are only overworked husbands.

So one must function out of a cranky place.

I can't focus. I try to watch a soccer match on t.v. with The Kid and I'm rooting around my ottoman for missing stitch markers. I start to put away dishes but am distracted by the partial bags of crackers and snacks in the untidy "snack corner" in the kitchen hutch. This makes me wonder if the Manfriend remembered to throw away that item in the fridge with the garbage last night. Now my head is in the fridge ...

and so on.

I wanted to get some more knitting done, but of course I'm distracted by a book I picked up in Kansas, "The Woman in Black".  It's that recent movie with Daniel Radcliffe, from Harry Potter as the lead. Well, nothing on him, the book was a train straight to Boringtown. I still had to finish it for some reason. Insisting on finishing this book a few nights ago impacted a) amount of sleep I needed and b) finishing baby blankets.

However even though I had 2 baby blankets on the knitting needles and cardigan, I felt like I should cast on some arm warmers. Makes no sense. I know.

My boss mentioned I seemed a little out of focus the other day. She suggested I break out my steps a little to stay on task.

If she only knew ...

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