Saturday, April 21, 2012

Family Quotes: At my expense ,,,

The disclaimer: I thought long and hard about posting this, despite the fact I don't really have "a following", I have a sense of shame.

Apparently, not enough.

The scene: For the written record, I was working hard ... on a spreadsheet at work. I was watching the last few hours tick by and knew I needed to get it done.

Phone call. I guess it's Manfriend. I am, of course, correct.

Why is he calling? The evening agenda was already determined. I shouldn't be seeing them until approximately 9:30pm. I know they love me and I love them, blah blah... spreadsheet.

Me: (in a slightly impatient tone) Everything okay?

Big Him: (in an easy breezy, george and wheezy kind of tone) Oh yeah. Got your boy, we're home. He's quite chatty today.

(I wait for some comment that The Kid is his mother's son or something ...)

Testing went well. He said that he got up early and was on time today. He said that you should've been out the door at 7:10, but didn't get out until 7:25. I asked him what the delay was. He said, "The DELAY was MOM POOPING."

He didn't have to imitate my loving son's indignant tone. I could hear it well enough.

Big Him: (chuckling and snickering) Ok honey, have fun tonight. We love you, talk to you later.

End call. End Scene.

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