Saturday, October 25, 2014

Another gigantic argument for getting gauge

Yesterday The Kid had 4 teeth pulled as part of his ortho-plan. My sweet boy had the cutest teeth when he was tiny but his adult teeth have come in a little too large and crowded for his little mouth.

His dental hygiene leaves much to be desired so since we are in a position to do this, I'm hoping it will provide some better long term dental health. 

The week was already rough on his mouth, a gum scrape when he got accidentally whacked with a marker in class by a seat mate, and he chipped a tiny bit of tooth on Quinn's head at practice Thursday night. Sigh.

Well you all know my level of dental anxiety but through a lot of anxious chatter, venting and support by some friends I readied myself as best as I could.

And naturally, I knit. I decided to try an ankle sock pattern from Purlbee.

I was trucking along and then I held it up. Hmm perhaps you need scale?

Does the potato help??

Maybe a pear? 

No? I never said I was a photographer. This thing is baggy. Ugh.

I used some leftover Zauberball which is thinner than a lot of my other sock yarn. The pattern called for US3s.

So why am I surprised? I'm not now that I'm not in the throes of parental anxiety. 

In the end I held it together for the boy. And now I'm a short order soft foods cook ;)

Thanks for tolerating the bad photos, weak mother stories and baggy socks. I'll try for more quality in the next post :)


  1. Oh poor chap, that's a tough teeth week. I went through the same orthodontic things as well, having quite a few out, and braces to spread the rest of them evenly and straighten them up. It's all worth it in the end. I hope he's feeling more comfortable soon. I'm sure you'll whip those socks into shape no problem now that the major trauma is over. Enjoy the rest of your weekend Ellen. CJ xx

  2. i've got some socks stalled for just the same reason.....looking too big, although my DIL insists she has huge feet. (opposite problem....i used a little medium wt fingering....great color, just wrong size (I think)!
    hope the young'un is feeling better (along with mom).

  3. Some of us have challenged ankles and we need those perfectly knit socks!!!!!!! You did it momma. Soft Food: put apples in the crockpot and cook them down with nothing added for 8 applesauce ever! Great on cream of wheat cereal..

  4. Dentists do have a way of creating anxiety. Hope all goes well for your son.

    I knit socks almost exclusively on US 2, especially with fingering yarn.

    I'm getting ready to cast on with the yarn I won in your giveaway. I can't wait to see how the yarn stripes.

  5. Sounds like a really tough week! Hope he's getting lots of milkshakes! Another notch in your MaMa badge for you. Escorting the kids to teeth extraction is HARD duty!

  6. Oh my...tough times. The day my son had the same extraction he waited until we got to the oral surgeon's office to tell us he "accidentally" had a brownie for breakfast. No sedation for him although it was me who really needed it. Flabby socks are one of my pet peeves too. I always seem to do that when I make man socks. Commercial sock yarn can have a lot of give in it so it's sometimes hard to get it right the first time.

  7. Well ho dang. What a whippet of a week you've had. I understand the stress you've had. Hug to you. That looks like a comfy sock one could kick it in at home on a cold day. Hope your boy is feeling a bit better and gets well soon.

  8. Your post are always quality to me. What an incredibly stressful week for you all! My fingers are crossed that the coming week brings nothing but stress-free happenings. :)
    Boo to baggy socks!

  9. Let me just tell you as the Mother of two older boys, the dental hygiene improves drastically as the interest in girls increases. They are in direct proportion to one another.

  10. Dental woes are so awful. My heart goes out to your son. I hate dental work! At least he has an excellent nurse!

  11. I love the yarn you're using for the socks.
    I've been putting off a long overdue dental visit.. not afraid, just lazy!

  12. I rather like the food references for scale! I call this being creative with your photography! I myself had several teeth pulled when I was a teen for my own orthodontia plan. I remember it not being fun, but my mother always had the freezer packed with my favorite ice cream for afterwards. Hang in there. It will get better!

  13. hoping the dental tragedies end soon, my son was a frequent visitor to the dentist, orthodontist, periodontist and endodontist....he has a very expensive mouth!!!