Thursday, October 2, 2014

Winter and Fall Knits: More Hopes and Dreams

Flowers, because.
I'm on target to finish that baby cardigan this week and hopefully work on my pumpkin socks. I won't make the My Sister's Knitter KAL deadline, but honestly, that's OK. I never make the KAL deadlines anyways, ha!

So as always I have a knit list blooming as I anticipate an FO:

1. Child Sophisticate -- yes, yes, I know again, another small people knit AND another pattern repeat, but what can I say? Someone has asked/requested and you know, I've never done one in green or a bigger toddler size.

2. Finish a cardigan I have had on the needles since January or so. I stopped knitting it because the weather out here was so warm. Yes, it is still warm. Hellooooo drought. I have completed the body, so now it's just the rest. 

3. Need to knit a hat. Just need to. Probably a Turn A Square, Jared Flood because its a fun/simple knit. Oh, and there is DEFINITELY yarn in the stash for a hat ... or two. ahem ahem.

4. Another cardigan. I've been in love with Uniform for a while. It speaks to the simplicity I truly am (stylistically), but allows me flexibility in pattern which I always crave -- I have not decided which components I'm going to use for my Uniform, yet. However, that's part of the excitement of this project. I have some stash yarn options for this one too. The pattern was a birthday gift from a very kind and generous Andi.

5. Handwarmers. Simple ones. I just want to knit some for myself stockinette with some pretty worsted  yarn that does all the "work" for me.

And with those 5 (well 6 if we rope in the pumpkin socks), I think I've sealed my fall/winter line-up. There will be some other small knits mixed up in there, but I feel good about this.

The undercover secret list of distractions
  • A little girl cardigan for the girl with the curls, CL.
  • Coffee sleeves for a school fundraiser in school colors black and yellow! (though uniforms are black & white, thank goodness)
  • Socks, delicious, easy traveling, best yarn ever socks.
  • Maybe a shawl. Maybe a husband scarf, maybe a cousin cowl ... oh so distracted already.


  1. Everyone seems to have a bad case of startitis-including me! Those flowers make me happy. I haven't seen a bloom in ages.

  2. Stop!!! I am already snowed under with future projects! I don't need anymore distractions.

  3. I'm working up to a cardigan too. I need to finish a never-ending scarf first though. On and on and on. CJ xx

  4. Uniform is an attractive sweater.

    I love yarn that does all the work for me. Too many people use a complicated pattern with this type of yarn and the pattern gets lost. Why not just let the yarn be the star it wants to be?

  5. I have knit Turn A Square a few times and it is a wonderful pattern and doesn't take much time to finish at all. I took a peek at the Uniform sweater and I love it! May have to add that one to my queue of knitting desires.

  6. Love the Turn a Square Hat. Great look!
    You folk with your knit lists amaze me. Im so fickle I just knit one thing and jump to the next willy nilly!~

  7. I never make the deadlines either. I *might* make it with the pumpkins socks, but I doubt it.

    A book shop here in Orlando wants me to knit up some coffee sleeves to sell in her shop. Do you have a favorite pattern for them? Not saying I'm going to do it, but I'm thinking about it. LOL

  8. What is a deadline? As far as work I can follow them but knitting no way. I have a blanket to start, about 50 million dishcloths to crochet, a sweater in a basket ready to begin, another Olive Twist Shawl to make and Lord know what else.

  9. Wow, that is an impressive list! And I love those tiny distractions. I hesitate to count my UFOs, but there are lots! Sigh......

  10. UNIFORM is an awesome pattern. Just looked it up.
    Deadlines? Other than Christmas, there's no such THANG here

  11. Excellent line-up of Fall/Winter projects!

  12. I've never made a KAL deadline, either!
    Love the Uniform cardigan. It looks so cozy and comfortable.

  13. I do like that cardigan you are loving. Simple but elegant, indeed. I would like some fingerless mitts for me one day soon, more socks, another cardigan...oh there is so much out there to be knit up!