Monday, October 20, 2014

Winner Winner and Weekend Notes

Numero THREE was selected by the random number generator, making Steph of Woolythyme happy place our Uniform Cardigan pattern giveaway winner. If you're not already a regular visitor, be sure to go over and take a scroll around her neighborhood. She always has something fun knitting going on and lots of beautiful photos of her world.

Steph are you on ravelry? I'm elns and if you ping me I can gift you that pattern. It's worsted weight  yarn  I hope that is OK -- I believe you are a fan of the fingering :)

Weekend Highlights
Special request baking, chocolate crinkle cookies and for curiosity and scientific purposes I attempted gluten-free molasses cookies.  The flavor was alright, the texture, was still too cake and crumbly.

Saturday was another soccer loss for our boys. It was just like the Swansea vs. Stoke City match this weekend. Swansea started off strong, but then when Stoke City picked up the pace the 2nd half, the swans couldn't complete or finish it. Painful, but I love it.

However after there were hot dogs, video games, board games, home made videos and lots of snacks. Family and friends of different team mates. I did overcook the tritip roast a bit. shh.

Sunday we slowed the pace and it was exercise and I took a nap!! Very exciting. I also holed up in my room and finished the leg on my pumpkin sock #1 and whipped up the 1st wristwarmers of a pair I'm working on. I am making Mediums, but I'm already thinking I might have to make a pair in Smalls for myself if there is enough yarn left :) 

And that my friends is our winner and my weekend in one post.


  1. Your pumpkins are looking mighty good!

  2. Love those pumpkin socks, just perfect for Socktober! That wristwarmer is mighty cheery looking, too.

  3. Love the mitt and the sock! I never realized that pink and orange look so nice side by side.

  4. A weekend with a nap is always a good thing! Love the sock and mitt.

  5. knitting a worsted weight at the moment......(need a break every now and then from that fingering wt!!!) many many thanks!

  6. congrats steph!! love the knitting :)

  7. Do you have my gluten free peanut butter cookies recipe. Troy's favorite and we don't even have to be gluten free. I'll send it to you if you wish.
    love your pumpkin socks!!!

    1. Kathy, Normally I'd be all over it, but The Kid has a peanut allergy (Not severe) so I generally keep peanuts out of the apartment. I have to admit, I used to love making peanut butter jam prints, sigh. Hmm, maybe with chocolate cookie base instead!!

  8. Yay Steph!
    Lovely progress on your pumpkin socks and sweet mitts. :)

  9. Love the mitts and the pumpkin socks!

    Congratulations, Steph.

  10. Beautiful colors on both the mitts and socks. Love that fun pumpkin pattern. Congrats to Steph....I highly recommend Uniform. It's a fun and versatile pattern and I love wearing mine now that the weather has gotten chillier. So kind and generous of you!

  11. In soccer sometimes you win and sometimes you don't. It should be about having fun but lets be serious it is more fun to win.
    love the socks.

  12. Those cookies sound good! I like that pumpkin sock. It rocks.

  13. Sorry about the soccer loss but it sounds like a great weekend anyway. I love the color of the fingerless gloves and the pumpkin socks. I'm looking forward to seeing them finished!