Tuesday, October 7, 2014

I swear, it's a good excuse!

The button bands are still not finished on the baby cardigan. But the excuse is good, I promise!

Saturday started with another migraine and puking for The Kid. I'm secretly beginning to dread Saturday mornings around my apartment. The Kid managed it the best ever and he even made it to the second half of his match that morning. They lost, again. It's going to be a rough soccer season.

I cracked a tooth. I go in on Wednesday to find out the extent of the damage and additional pain I must endure. I don't know if I've expressed it here, but I am without a doubt the biggest DDS wussy ever. I'm sorry, I have an irrational fear. How does one handle this? Well this morning I had a Reese's peanut butter "pumpkin" cup for breakfast. Breakfast of Champions, hey, it's better than chronic anxiety at work.

The rest of Saturday was chores, baseball and chores. It really is lame when you haven't done any housework all week, because it takes so much time doing basic things like, laundry, bathroom cleaning, sweeping etc.  Baseball made me nervous, so it was good that I could channel the nervous energy in cleaning ... but no knitting. It was ridiculously warm that evening and we ended up hanging out with some friends on their deck while our kids threw things off it onto the lawn below.

Sunday I ran a 12k. The Bridge to Bridge Run benefiting The Special Olympics. A pretty run for a good cause. From the Ferry Building near the Bay Bridge to the Golden Gate Bridge and back to the edge of the Marina Green.

And now, my body is still just a mush. This was my 3rd one this year, but my first that I ran all the way through. Honestly, I'm more of a 5k kind of gal. I slept so well last night. More so than Sunday. It was the sleep of recovery, it was sound. My son laughed at my snoring.

Yes, I snore now.

I have an early appointment after work today, but then I'm going home back to my boys and the couch. Reading and knitting -- that's on the agenda. My legs said I should do it for a bit and leave them alone.


  1. I hope your son's completely better now, poor boy. And I do hope that your tooth is easily (and painlessly) sorted. I can't bear the dentist either. Well done on the 12k run, I'm most impressed. I always think I should try running, but somehow I never get round to it. CJ xx

  2. Congratulations on the 12k. That is impressive.
    I hope that your son is feeling better -- or at least not puking any more.
    I have the same problem with dentists and postpone my appointments.

  3. Bummer about the cracked tooth, but congrats on the race. 5K is the furthest I've gone.

    Hope your son feels better soon.

  4. This post made me soooooo happy I am 60. Life with kids was so hard. I loved every minute of it and miss them now that they are grown but it was soooo hard.
    Congrats on the run and as for the dentist, they ARE scary. Ouch.

    1. You made me laugh Araignee, because they are so much work. It's always something -- and yes as I see him more and more self sufficient it's amazing!

      But I only have one!! How you others do/did it, THATs pretty impressive.

  5. Good job on the 12K!!! So sorry to hear about your tooth; enjoying dental visits is not my kind of fun either. Hope your son is feeling lots better; our son outgrew his migraines at puberty.

  6. I am praying for your tooth. I am your sister when it comes to an irrational fear of the dentist and all dental thoughts...don't know where it came from (probably the mean dentist of my youth....). Anyways, I'll pray and you can take comfort knowing someone is thinking of you.

    yay you with the 12k!! I am impressed!!

  7. Great job on the 12k!

    I hope your tooth is easily fixed with minimal anxiety.

  8. Congrats on the 12k!!!! So proud of you for running the whole thing. Great job! So sorry to hear about your dental issue. Hopefully it won't be bad to fix. I can understand your anxiety. Big hug!

  9. Hooray for your running!!!! Do you save your numbers? Fireman does.
    Snoring...welcome to the party!! I couldn't believe I snored until my family recorded me....oh dear...could that be me? No wonder the deaf cat Radar liked sleeping with me.
    You get your knitting on girl!
    I have dental anxiety. I have them give me nitrous oxide...I look forward to it now..!

    1. I actually don't save my numbers anymore. (I try to de-clutter where I can, trust me, this is a good thing)

      I didn't believe I snored either. Ha! Denial is the first step? Anyways, I woke myself up snoring one night, like who is that? oh no it's me!! I have heard good things about nitrous, I'm going to try it for my root planning. ugh.

  10. Wow, you ran all that !!!! Amazing, good for you. I cannot even run down the darn block. Okay about the Kid, pardon me if I am butting in, but do you think headers in soccer are causing any of his headaches?

    I do cranial sacral work on kids and I always ask about headers, football injuries or concussions, even a really bad fall on your butt can cause your head to get all jammed up.

    Okay, I will mind my own business now.

    1. You can ask away Mere! I don't mind. Actually I don't think it's headers, he doesn't do them as much as others. My nephew suffered 2 concussions playing American football -- he had to be airlifted for the second and spent some time in Children's Hospital. He is no longer allowed to play football, he is a smart, good kid so he is finding his way ...

      I think it may be age related as we enter adolescence/puberty. They can also be triggered by lack of sleep, dehydration and hunger with him I've noticed. He needs to work on keeping himself healthy and not relying on anyone, including his mother to remind him how to do this. groan.

  11. Damn. Your son has migraines? Boo. Poor baby. How come? I had to take the husband to the ER last month because he has the worst ever migraine. I don't know how he drove 50 mi home. Usually throwing up and then sleeping happens but he was still miserable. Mind you I was at the school for Back-to-School night thinking he was having an aneurysm. He chalked it up to too much green tea. I bugged him til he saw his doc for a follow up to have a plan. Ouchie on the cracked tooth. Sorry you've had to deal with so much lately. Dental is expensive and those damn shots. Hugs to you.