Monday, October 27, 2014

Another post where I whine about sock knitting.

If you could see my inner-self now, there would be a teenage girl in a raggedy maybe at one time it was black cardigan on, flopping around on her bed upside down with her semi greasy but all natural dark colored hair collecting dust on a shag carpet, whining, whinging, sighing, and flopping her arms.

The Dental Anxiety Ankle socks are ... no more.

I frogged them because despite the fact there probably was someone, somewhere that would enjoy them, I simply would not enjoy continuing to knit them, and really friends .. why the heck should we be bothered with that?

Knit with joy, I tell ya'.

And thus my Non pareils were born. I bought this yarn impulsively when going in for something else, something practical, like buttons, replacement dpns or gift yarn. Anyhow, it was layed out on a table with different swatches of the various colorways knit together.

It is so soft.

KFI Luxury Collection. Indulgence Cashmere.

But because I can't just leave things well enough alone, instead of doing my standard sock pattern, but wanting to do stockinette, I am trying  US1 needle. I know, from US 3 to US 1. It's the exterme reaction of the above moody teenager.

Also my US2s are otherwise engaged with my Pumpkin socks or can be used for kindling since I keep snapping them.

The colors make me happy. Chocolate candy happy.

I was tappy, typing my new "sweet" project into Ravelry when I noticed, this is not sock yarn.(please, don't tell me this should be obvious, because if it's anything you should know about me and knitting, nothing, absolutely nothing is obvious to me, until I'm in so far, I practically need a legal team and military specialist team to extract me from my situation)

It's dk weight yarn.

Okay, so it's not the end of the world. Plenty of people knit socks with dk weight yarn. Theyll be comfy, cozy, house, camping what the heck ever rustic socks.


I actually think size wise it might work. It's early days, they seem very stretchy,  but the US 1s are a lot of work. I do find some joy in them. Will I continue to?

Do I stay the course? Do I rip that out?

The thing is, I really like this yarn for socks. I even knit on them at lunch. I don't want a shawl, a cowl or mitts. I want socks out of this damn dk impulse bought yarn.

Tonight I return to the pumpkins. I need a little less drama in my sock knitting for a hot minute.

Let me know if you have an opinion, but don't be surprised if I frog these too.


  1. You must be a pretty loose knitter to do DK on 1s. But, it looks good from here. If it looks good from where you are, I'd go on. The nylon in the yarn will help them to wear well.

    Go forward, I think you are safe. They sure are pretty!

  2. Keep knitting! I've discovered that the size of DK weight yarn varies greatly by brand. If you're happy with the sock so far, then KNIT ON. . .

  3. I have tons of DK weight socks that I knit with my itty bitty needles using my regular sock yarn pattern and I love them all. I don't know why or how but they fit. I wear them when it gets cold with my Crocs. The sweet wooly things are almost waterproof. I love that colorway. I need some fun stripes in my life too.

  4. What fun stripy yarn, it looks great for socks. I always knit on way past the point when it should have been obvious I'll never like/wear the thing. I've just finished a really long sparkly scarf that I'm almost certain I'll never wear. Honestly, I should have grown out of doing this kind of thing by now. CJ xx

  5. if you like the way the sock is turning out I say stay the course. Lovely yarn and wow! size ones.....I love size twos as my go to needles size :)

  6. You are the boss of your knitting !!! Do as you please! and ENJOY

  7. Looks good to me! They should be really sturdy socks as well as pretty. Knit on!

  8. They look a bit roomy but it could be because of the close shot. Have you measured your gauge? I like the colors of these stripes. Happy, happy vanilla knitting.

  9. hi ellen! love the socks & the yarn, they look cozy & warm. I made the hubs a hat using 0's & sock yarn and wondered if i would ever finish...fiddly for sure but he loves it. :) wishing you a great week~

  10. I think that if you like the fabric and how they are knitting up AND having fun, then stay the course. The stripes and colors are awesome.

  11. Oh I do like those colors. I knit socks in DK and they keep my toes nice and warm during the winter at night!

  12. I love them although I am not a sock knitter. And size 1 needles, not for me baby.