Monday, May 2, 2011

Open Letter to HM

Whoa, having you out of the office for this block of time has totally made me realize how co-dependent I am. You realize that my whole thinking outloud with you is actually, me gathering important useful information in my most lazy beast manner, asking you -- since you are of quality reference and no B.S. (esp. if you don't have the answer.)

I have had to consolidate my rambling for this open letter into focus points of appreciation.
For Pork & Shrimp Dumplings can this recipe be steamed? You know if I'm not going to fry a wonton I prefer my dumplings steamed. However I don't believe all dumplings are made equal. Do I know what qualifies as something fit to be steamed? No, no I don't, so YOU HM must tell me.

Leeks look lovely right now. I'd love to do them with meat, but pork again? Really? Should I try ground chicken? Don't ask me to do a squash. El Boringo. Get your sugar out of my dumplings! I guess I could do leeks and mushrooms right?

When describing to Pearlcream my steamed dumpling dilemna, she said, "It depends on the type of dumpling skin. Honestly I just buy mine."

And it's true you know. I usually just buy the skins. But perhaps in your absence I feel the need to channel you and attempt to get in touch with inner culinary control freak. As I told Pearlcream, my life is chaos, I'll probably never get in touch with my ICCF. FYI I'll probably just buy dumplings at Nijiya.

I dreamt about Silktest scripting this weekend. I think that my brain has officially disowned me. Even in my dreams my testplan was failing on the Stage environment. Why does Silktest hate me? Why? I was so close to completion on Friday ... so ... close.

Is Shia dating a Vietnamese girl? Not to sound incredulous. I know! Am I horrible because her last name is Pho -- making assumptions?

I am still working on that striped shawl for Anne. Yes ... still.

The English P's are supposed to come over for dinner post swimming lesson on Thursday. Desperate, I asked Harrigan in the blue room to "go over the menu" with me. Ha! He's like,  "yeah you're totally co-dependent."

However in case you are wondering (it's the usual suspects) we are looking at prepping out a red vegetarian curry the night before. If the salmon looks good Wed, I'm doing a few small pieces almost appetizer style for crispy toppers. Cabbage and Pork dumplings -- steamed. The boys will get Skillet Porkchops (start on the stove, finish in the oven) with wedge russet fries and fresh english peas w/butter, salt and pepper. Market options? Well, maybe substitute out the salmon with kalbi and homemade dumplings with frozen ones. I have literally 1.25 hrs to have dinner on plates by 6:45. I'm thinking it will be 7pm. But we'll see.

We all miss you, but you know of course I am the most dramatic about it. I carry a waded up piece of tissue with me when I pass your cubicle. ;)

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