Sunday, May 15, 2011

Oui, C'est V'rai .. Photo Crazypants

Enjoy it folks. Photos come once a year ...

This is my knitting (the seed stitch cowl) enjoying some well earned onion soup ...

This is the harry pooper potter sweater going over the golden gate bridge:

These are Liz's handwarmers going over the bridge:

This is J-SIL's sweater going over the bridge
Are you sensing a theme? Are you sensing that I like to knit in the car? You might be right.

Believe it or not. All but one (the sweater) is completed.

Tonight I take on the task of a garter border on Ale's blanket. The question is, can I pick up the stitches neatly or not ... ooo  crazy talk!

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  1. Love the photos! Sadly, I just can't get myself to knit in the car anymore, ever since the car accident... which is a shame because knitting in the car is so productive!