Thursday, May 26, 2011

Reading is not funny or fundamental. Reading makes me dysfunctional.

Long ass title right? Yeah, I know. You know why? Because of this crazypants reading thing.

They tell me it's supposed to be good for your brain.

They L I E D.

Last night, being the "smart" person that I am always faking to be I decided to take an ergonomic rest from repetitive boring syndrome called fixing my latest striped garter stitch project, I decide to read.

The Giants were already working my stomach acids and I sensed extra innings and the knitting was simply not "one off" distracting enough. So I Nook it up and see where I am in the Impending Doom and Ever INcreasing sense of foreboding and Medeval/Fantasy crazy pants world of Game of Thrones.

The next thing I know Buster Posey has got a busted ankle and the Giants won't pull a win out of their special place no matter how hard they try. I imagine Buster's wife was freaking out while watching this. (See! I do have empathy!!) I tell myself whoa, it's late, I'll just finish this chapter and get my snooze on.

The snooze doesn't come until 2am, when I really can't stand the Queens any longer and I'm not sure if it's because of the actions or I'm just getting grumpy.

Insert crazypants face here when I realize that 1) I am going to get max 4.5 hrs of sleep, and 2) I am not able to actually fall asleep until I imagine my fantasy world and their characters doing their mischief in my MIND's EYE.

(sorry for the Kanye caps, but it's residual late night reading crazy pants)

Anyways, this morning was OK, I didn't feel rough until about 10:30 until I realized it was 10:30 and snails move faster than me at work. Impressive no?

Functioning at a pace which is unacceptable.

Fake it, break it, fix it, make it better, do it faster and make the happy face!

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