Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The Mish & The Mash

Last night The Kid and I flew back from Honolulu just after 9pm. It was a rough flight for me. The Kid has had these weird bouts of wretching or gagging lately that we have not been able to understand. He gets texture conscious and has been known to throw up in public.

So of course he has a spell the night before at what my parents were hoping was a special dinner.

So of course he has a spell on the airplane after eating three Mentos. I wonder if it gave him some kind of post nasal drip. Anyhow, I am not sure when it is diet related and when it is isn't. I've seen him chew too fast on a piece of bread and it start up.


This is a gross post. I really am sorry.

The stress has been eating at me. The truth is I get worked up about everything and anything to the point of no validation, so I really was a gem this week. My stomache feels like a battlefield.

On the otherhand I drank the koolaid this week and went to a Zumba class with my Mom. It was absolutely fun, the fastest hour of cardio I've ever done ... while clock watching which is saying something. On the other hand I could absolutely NOT look at my mother. She is so cute while she gets her Zumba on. She thinks the lady in front of her w/the pink shorts needs more zest and needs to put some more effort into her moves. ha!

I think I will try to take a class with Ovando after work one day just so I can "write home" about it. Besides Ovando is kind of like my other sister/mom. Same goofy humor and all, I probably won't be able to look at her when she Zumba's either ha!

On the way out to Hawaii I managed to knit a lot. The Kid was a little impatient, but made tame by a combination of electronics (the ipod and the Nook). I managed a few rows on the flight home after The Kid started to feel better, but during one of his many trips to the bathroom (induced by heavy liquid drinking to quell the gag reflex) he managed to take my new "Different Lines" project down the aisle with him. We were an interesting sight, me chasing him and my yarn and needles dragged by skinny ankles ... ha! Anyways, I thought I picked up all my dropped stitches, but something is all wonkerella about it. I started to back it out towards the end of the flight, but really was just so bone defeated ... it will have to wait.

So tired today, did not even bother packing yarn in my bag.

Mini can of sprite = tasty, less sugar, and a happier belly. Oh and the packaging is SUPER cute.

However in the name of better health and to make my cubemate happy, I will try to eat mini yogurts for Ovando. Can I start next week?

I feel like WEBS ( is trying to corrupt me. I actually took a sale mail out of my trash box to double check and see what they were promoting. Please Lu, Bananas, send help now.

Why am I obsessing with the yarn again? Because when I went to look up other people's comments on Different Lines I saw someone's "palette" version: sweet jesus that's lovely. And of course now, a seed has been planted.

I was a good girl and took my camera with me to Hawaii, The Kid seemed to rediscover his picture taking enjoyment first with my sister's camera and my own point and shoot at the beginning of the trip, and then discovered how cool his new Fuji instant max is. I will have to start budgeting my happy money for regular film supplies.

Now, if I can actually get some photos online by the end of the holiday weekend ... that WOULD be impressive, and my mother might actually love me a little more.

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