Sunday, May 8, 2011

I am the Ninja

I move ... sneaky sneaky. My feet look smaller than they should.

I bought black running shoes.

It feels strange. I had/have a hard time with them. But they were the only color in my size. They are last year's version and they were almost 50% cheaper than this years. Also, my sister AND the shop girl felt my existing running shoes were rather beat up.

Sister said, "I like them. Black shoes are actually very trendy.*"

She said, "You're like a Ninja in them."

So I had to Ninja pose in Sportsbasement. At first I was sort of in my own world with my sister, so I wasn't really conscious that we weren't in a fitting room and everyone could see me.

Yet, when I walked in front of the mirror ... and tried to channel the Ninja, I came back to my sister and posed again. I knew there were other people there. I didn't really care.

I am the Ninja.

Besides I think only one other patron noticed the chubby girl in small shoes vogueing Ninja stances.

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