Sunday, May 15, 2011

Reflections on the Bay to Breakers

1) Trust my instincts. Next time, just take the MUNI, do not try and take a taxi part way down. I added another mile to my journey because I panicked when I saw the early Corrals running near my house. The taxi was only able to get me half way there anyhow because or rerouted traffic. Ellen has yet another duh moment.

2) On naked people running: wow, it just seems so ... bouncey! I think I saw one man and one woman under the age of 35 naked. Everyone else was older ... and harrier.

3) I haven't run/walk the Bay to Breakers in 12 years. When did it become a tradition to throw tortillas at the start? It seems so ... dirty, you know ... litter-wise.

4) This year was the first "dry" race. No alcohol was allowed. Of course people were drinking, mainly the youthful collegiate crowd. I understand why the rule is in place, though it did seem to take away from the spirit of the race before ... after doing the race, it was still fun and festive, we just don't like people telling us no I suppose.

However I am just not one to really mix the booze with any sort of physical exertion. I've always liked my booze, ass in chair. couch, beach lounge, pool side, bar stool. But I am a simple girl.

5) By the time I'm finished with this race I don't like to hang around at the festival and eat and "trick or treat" for samples. Dairy at a race? That just seems wrong. You still have at least a mile to walk to get to transportation.

6) Old people problems. I went out and walked more, afraid to be still. I stretched standing up. I stretched on a foam rollie. I even stretched in a hot shower. It doesn't matter. I will stretch again before I go to bed, but every inch of me (esp. the lower half) is beginning to tense up. I am beginning to walk bow-legged down the long hall of our small flat. uh oh ... wait until tomorrow.

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