Monday, January 9, 2012

Wait I can explain!

I am kind of over New Years Resolutions. It's all just continuations in self improvement. It's the attempts of keeping the dark-side away, and using more positive tools. It's a chance to develop self-awareness, or do something constructive with it.

Then there are moments when you know, your mouth is going and well that's the only piece that seems to be working. Self awareness cannot get out the brain before the stupid comes out the mouth.

Today, I wanted to show littlesnoopy that I got my new Tilt camera (Merry Christmas to Me). The boys used it in Legoland. I haven't really gotten to use it myself. I've been plotting though. What would look good "miniaturized"? Here are some of my ideas. Though I notice I'm just as bad as the boys at wanting to miniaturize what is already small (i.e. Miniland photos in Legoland)

Table Still Life - Food & Terrariums

Playgrounds -- I worry this is creepy literally but that's not what I mean. It should be good faceless happy crowd shots.

Hipster Dolores Park on a Sunny Day


Ferry Bldg & Ferries.


Alcatraz :)

But landscapes I will have to work on.

I know Why? Because I don't really know how to use cameras and take photos and I don't have patience for editing. However I like pictures. I figure those pretty pictures on Photojojo made it seem like I could incorporate a pretty picture hobby without a lot of "stuff".

I'm really trying to keep knitting my only "stuff" hobby. I love it enough.

The problem is today when I was trying to show Little Snoopy the camera and the boys photos, I forgot to check what they took besides Lego pictures first. I remember The Man Friend trying to figure it out when we got to the hotel after I charged it.

So there is a photo of his foot... Lying on a Bed.

There is a photo of a shirtless Kid, with all his skinny bones sticking out, getting ready for Legoland.

Awkward. Harmless, innocent, but wait! I can explain, the innocence of trying to learn a camera ... but then I shut up and just checked, because this could get bad. It probably looked bad.

But see, I really shouldn't have tried to share with people this morning anyhow. I should've known better. No coffee, no adult conversation, not 8am. I should've known, my hair was still wet, my left eye was twitching and the right one was watering and my nose was probably running and it took me a while to notice.

One of the Dad's at school looked at me like I was seriously having issues. As my "family photos" faux miniaturized came to view AND I was having all kinds of malfunctions. So I was. He's already seen me put my foot in it a billion times, come in late, laugh like a beast at my own jokes (which can be funny! they can!) But I kept thinking oh it's just fine. I kept talking.

Where were those braincells? Where was the self awareness, the social filter, the "think before..." speech I'm constantly monologueing at my own kid?

Yeah, better keep working on that.

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