Monday, January 16, 2012

3-Day Weekend Post Mortem

I am rested.

I am satisfied that this weekend went pretty damn well for all involved.

Were there things I wanted to do? People I wanted to see? Of course! With an extra day and the amount that could not be squeezed in, just proves to me how ridiculously ambitious and/or optimistic I can be. (Don't worry Friends & Family -- it just applies to weekends.)

Friday was everyone rest up. It was also my determination to finish reading The Murder Room.

True Crime. Yes I know, I'm turning into my mother at a faster rate than we all realized. That and by being fascinated by the dark side of human nature, I could possibly be sensationalizing it. I should really stop reading The Daily Mail UK.

Much like the Amazon reviewers say, this was an interesting concept to me. The writing was meh. I didn't have a problem too much with the narrative skipping around though it could've been handled better. It did seem random when the author was going to resolve a story line and carry out another. I did not like a lot of the repetition, and yes, Mr. Capuzzo is a bit too much of a fan boy to me. Favorite part? The chain smoking profiler, a familiar character (who is real) to anyone who watches crime procedurals. Yet, I will send it on to mother after the Manfriend. I have a feeling she will not even bother with it. But who knows, I love to see a book have another "life" with another reader.

Saturday I went to a lovely cocktail / birthday/puzzle party for AS. All the ladies got dressed for the evening, dresses, heels and makeup. Wine & Cheese and some lovely desserts accented some great stories, and lots of laughter.

I managed to get a playdate over for The Kid on Sunday before they went off to Futsal practice. CM came over and talk about a sweet kid and a good eater. He's excited for fruit dried (pineapple) or fresh (citrus - Kishus are BACK!). Wow.  Pickle me impressed. His parents had a quick drink with us before heading off to yet their NEXT social gathering. (The Bs & Ms are really frighteningly impressive in their social stamina).

I cooked a nice dinner for the boys doing a potato galette with The Man Friend's Chicken stock and sauteed green and white onions with leeks. My porkchop turned out alright. We are at the point where we will start having to buy a second piece of protein for the three of us. The Kid is eating more.

Monday = Bonus Day off!! MLK meant we went down to the Metreon and saw The Adventures of Tintin which was a bunch of fun. We got big bowls of ramen. We saw the gathering of people celebrating MLK day at the Yerba Buena Gardens. We took a quiet 14 Mission bus home.

And then my friends ... I got my knit on.

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