Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Judge me: I love to read the thriller trash.

It's happened again. I am neglecting my knitting, my family for a book. For an absolutely gloriously smutty vacation paced read.

It's got everything! The sex trade, detection, Buddhism, murder by ... snakes, drugs, cultural divides, cultural stereotypes.

Kapps lent it to me. I started reading this Sunday or Monday this week. I meant to call her Monday and tell her "You were right! It's so fun, so escapist!" However I didn't call her because ... I was reading the flippin' book.

I have managed to exercise. But then I can come home and read my book over dinner. The Manfriend has tucked the boy in bed 3 nights in a row ... because I'm reading smut.

Thanks Kapps ... I owe you big. Um do you have the next one in the series?

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