Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Scattered and Spaced Out

I'm okay with it. I have been battling a head cold. I kept telling myself I was going to call in, and lie in my really nice, warm comfortable bed with lots of warm liquids and wait for my energy to increase and the congestion to decrease.

I want to go into "sleep" mode.
But honestly I think getting up and about seems to help circulate it out.  The downside is I'm in public with a kind of ding dong expression on my face and speak in clipped sentences. I'm relying on everyone else's intellect to figure out what I'm trying to communicate.

This morning though, I didn't have to hustle. The Manfriend let me sleep in as he herded our moody cat-boy through the morning before work/school rituals. Toast was eaten, teeth were brushed. The Manfriend stood in front of his dresser picking out yet another black shirt to wear to work. (Apparently they are different ... shrug)

He said, "Are you checking me out?"


"This can be yours, but you can't have this  AND the knitting. It could get dangerous. The needles..."

(I know.)

Last  minute Where is your water bottle? Did you even wash your face? moments are heard from our railroad hallway and I lay down enjoying the last moments of warmth. I look up and see the lovely plastic bags of various colours and weights of yarn, the pattern books in  my craft tower or bookshelf. I see a box of yarn on TOP of the shelf. I know I'm going to have to get some work done today.

Which means I'll probably be knitting tonight.

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  1. I've been battling a head cold too. Yesterday was the worst, my eyeballs felt like they were going to dry in their sockets and my head was gonna explode. I'm feeling better today. :) But I haven't been knitting! such a waste!