Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Ode to Madelinetosh

It is not unknown that I have a little problem with Madelinetosh. I would like to get a fish and name it Madelinetosh. When no-one is around I would call it "Mad Tosh", like Mad Max -- because I'm Mad about it and I don't want to do too many embarassing things in front of other people. I have enough Madelinetosh dk hoarded for a sweater ... for myself. I have skeins here and there for hats and shawls of Madlinetosh Vintage, that always yield me enough scrap to eventually make me the mother of all throws ... A Madtosh throw, I mean Madelinetosh Throw. ahem. It is lovely yarn. There is such depth to the colour and knitting with it always produces a happy, squishy sigh or too. If yarn could bounce post knitting, I believe Madelinetosh would bounce ... with joy AND exuberance.

Anyhow, I realize this is something my friends, Lu and HM keep an eye on. They track my Madelinetosh issue, they want to make sure that I save enough summer camp money for The Kid.  I tell you though. With mailers like these coming from WEBS ... it's hard. It's very hard indeed. Please note the red boxes that scream to me...

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