Friday, July 9, 2010


The Kid slept until 9:30am. I hope that Couz & Company made it out the door and onto the Eastern Road not too worse for wear.

I am an Enabler. We had a lot of fun last night, even after the "old people" left.

The Kid and Couzin's boy Kid still ran around the house like banshees. The tone it downs were reduced to loud television so they could hear over the banshee-behavior of the adults.

I'm a ham. I know it. But basically I'll act the fool for a laugh. It's really not about the attention on me. It's really about getting someone to squeal. Hmm. I think that makes me, an Entertainer. I'll have to see if The Triad will make me a t-shirt. Sounds a little lurid though, no? Kind of you know like i'm "Soliciting" for attention. Hmmm.

Back to me and my self deprecation. I dusted off some pudgy 1988 dance moves for them. And if those pictures ever see the light of day, I will be very unhappy Couz.

That was for you and you only.

And now they know my other secret. The Report, where I sort of try to work it out. Especialy my anxiety. Again I try to laugh in my head and knit with my fingers. It keeps it busy, it's being processed, but it's also positive and productive. I think it is too easy too dwell for me.

I may not be Bella? with my retreating withdrawal. (By the way that New Moon scene where the months /days go past with her sitting on her bed was worse than a tilt-a-whirl after a bad corndog topped with funnel cake. BLECH. It made me dizzy.)But I know how paralyzing depression or anxiety can be.

I also know how self-centered and over analytical it can look to the outsider.

I wish I had more time to just chatter away and maybe whip up some 1990s dance moves for the Aunts and Cousins. But perhaps they'll have to keep until the next time. I just hope it isn't until the next world cup.


Wow that looks all futuristic. Geez, maybe we'll take our hovercraft to see them. HAHAAHA.

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