Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Uncomfortable List

These may double for awkward as well. It depends.

* Worrying you might have lice. It makes you feel itchy. Really Itchy.

* Swearing in a meeting, and they know you don't have tourettes.

* Chatty people in public restrooms, that aren't really your friends.

* People who want to hang out, but your kids don't get along.

* Telling the truth

* Death

* Eating someone else's food you really don't want to at a sitdown dinner.

* Being at a small social gathering with someone that

a) you know doesn't like you

b) you don't like

c) smells bad

* Talking about someone who is within hearing distance and someone in your party doesn't know or won't stop -- worse if the person you're talking about thinks you're saying something negative but you're not.

* Knowing someone is going to ask you for something that you could do, could give but you don't want to.

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