Monday, July 19, 2010

Crap Improvement Update!

Three of the earlier listed items have been addressed.

1) I started The Kid's camoglauged blanket campfire side. Little Sis crocheted a little bit before her Minion and his big headed wrath awoke.

I hope that this blanket's knit is "tight" enough for his royal highness and that after a wash, it's soft enough. However he did select his own yarn and it's only for the car and travel anywho.

2) I did buy a big extra pack of PUFFs travel tissues. Everyone is happy. My sister apparently is a huge fan of Puffs as well her logic? "Each tissue isn't folded into this ridiculous rectangle that I have to shake like crazy free to open to full size. And they are much softer and don't come falling out of their little plastic wrap."

Too Right Sis. Too Right.

3) I left the dvd player alone. I looked at it longingly, and thinking I had given it enough space, popped a little Lord of the Rings in, and saw Frodo's furrowed brow appear, with no weird static sounds. Yay! He has returned to love me Mr. DVD. Thank you for lulling me to sleep last night! You are the best best knitting friend EVER! If only you could decode the mysterious patterns like HM and my Sweater Guru!

4) Fitness Man our pal at work is doing sit-ups for me! yay! So annoying goes to the gym before work, if he misses that and can't go for a run after, he goes to the gym for lunch. Ugh. He's running the SF Marathon this Sunday. Always makin' me look bad. On the other hand, it's thanks to him, I walked a couple 5ks this year. :)

Crap Improvement is good. However the house is in what we are referring to a post-camping calamity or Camping Recovery. There are still some random bags of stuff that need to be put away, maybe two in the hallway. The on-going battle with Laundry is back on, including campfire clothing and dusty extra bedding.

The Man Friend and I are on kitchen chore time-out, forsaking this cooking and dishes thing for eating out. But some things are getting done. The Kid kind of got his haircut after daycamp yesterday. Kind of, because he got a trim ... barely -- it will be back in his eyes in two weeks. Some foods for lunch were purchased for me and my offspring.

I think today between the two of us, the kitchen will lose a level of grime and the hallway will begin to clear up. Crap Improvement Continues!

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