Thursday, July 29, 2010


Really does this need an intro?

* Today my Kid looked at me through the plate glass windows of Summer Camp and gave me the "wtf?" shrug pose. You know, where you put your arms out to the side more straight than bent and shrug. I came back in and he walked over to me and gave me a big hug. In front of all the other kids, including the big bad 4th and 5th graders.

*Man-friend's summer tomato pomodoro sauce with Angel Hair Pasta. So FRESH n'GOOD! Bonus points that an hour after cooking when I finally deemed myself hungry (He cooked for The Kid first), I requested a little protein and he fried me up an Italian Sausage. The Kid got one too. After he almost finished frying mine, and he didn't complain (Like I probably would've.) he actually was quite sweet about it, "no problem guys."

Aww shucks. I feel squishy.

*Sleeping 8 hours is AWESOME. I wake up and even though I'm still really tired and feel like I could sleep another hour, by the time I make it to the kettle, I feel like a singing Disney princess, flowy pajama pants and all ...

*Fixing Mistakes Yay! -- Knowing that thanks to the experience, support and kindness of my Knitting friends like Kappy, HM, Shingly and DA the Sweater Guru, I can overcome bad increases and not have to frog a week's worth of work. Knowing that when I pick up the Golden Shimmery Shawl of Shame and my Purple Sweater ... I can progress is FAN FREAKING TASTIC.

*Deluxe Mani-Pedis. Cause that's what I'm doing after work. I should really go and buy some grown woman supportive over the shoulder boulder holders, but like I told mlouis & badette. Momma needs a new pair of feet. And guess what ... it's a great time to knit. I'm going crazy today. Bring on the wax!


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  1. While your kid gives you a hug in public, this morning I had a battle with Yoshi at home that ended with her crying, "You don't love me!" again. *sigh* I hate when she says that shit.

    But! I'm so happy for all these awesome things for you!

    And let's cast on for the minifig. It's not really mini though. Macro-fig? Maybe I should just write you an email.