Thursday, July 22, 2010

Ellen's TV List: AKA Knitting Accompaniment

So I feel like I watch a lot of t.v. Unlike a lot of people I know, it doesn't really bother me all that much. Mind you these other people are probably a lot smarter and more productive than me, but still ... it does not bother me. My Dad told me not to be like other people to be me so HA!

But see, just because the t.v. is on, I'm not really watching it, if it's someone else's show. I'll read. Even if it is something I chose, and am watching, I'm usually doing something else; folding mountains of laundry, making shopping lists, doing lice checks, reviewing homework, and if I'm really happy knitting.

Anyways, most of the time, I don't like prime time, I watch the Netflix stuff. But lately this has been changing. This season ... I have been following (in no particular order):

1) Hell's Kitchen.

Why: 'Cause even though I prefer his Kitchen Nightmares where it's more constructive and less about personal issues between people on a CONTEST show ... I love hearing him say Donkey. And I kind of love how oblivious everyone is to their own hypocrisy. It makes me feel better about me. Schadenfreude Ja?

2) Sports (Pretty much baseball right now) but I tell you I can zone out or groan out loud to Golf, Football, Basketball (Warriors) and yes, I have been known to fall asleep to the World Series of Poker. Though right now I'm angry with the Giants. 0/8 w/Men in scoring position last night. Jesus ... Zito pitched a good game too. I was angry on his behalf. He's too pretty for that kind of crappy offense.

Why: Because I grew up in a household of sports and I find it relaxing. I'm not married to it that I have to watch everything or anything in particular. I am okay turning off a game that is going sour. (Like Last night but Man-friend had to see the final bitter nail go in the coffee)

3) Top Chef DC.

Why: You know ... I'm not sure why. I missed most of this season, and one day when we were flipping through the channels after The Kid went to bed, looking for something to watch along with our periodical reading and knitting, we started watching. Come on, love the whole creativity of it. I love Tom Colicchio's smirks. The Man friend enjoys Padme's post baby body despite her still monotone voice. She is charming in an elegant, "no I don't want to be your friend" way. a "Don't touch me ... by accident" way. HA! Yeah, I like watching them try. It reminds me how "safe" I am in my own tastes and kitchen, but doesn't mean you can't learn something. I'm fascinated w/their flavor combinations and textures. Busy Plates! Oh and ... Schadenfreude

4) Last Comic Standing

Why: Because I like to laugh, and I think it's so cool these people want to make people laugh and get paid for it. That in itself makes me want to laugh. I like the different styles, techniques, characters. I like that we get to see them as a work in progress, opposed to the professionals that have had writers or have had practice with particular routines etc. over and over again. I realize some are using polished material, but it still seems less polished, and more interesting for it. Like I get to learn WHY something didn't work for someone, based on my own opinion or one of the judges.

5) Sandals - Big Break

Why: Because it's a game show in golf set up to look like "a reality show". But it's really minimal cat-rat female behavior. In fact the girls are really nice, and focused on golf. Sure they prance around in their bikini's, but I understand ratings. They actually cheer each other on in competition. The women actually are golfers, played in college, and are trying to break into the LGPA. Their prizes compromised of entrance fees and golf equipment. Oh and I was really excited that everyone wasn't white initially, and that the blondes were smart and strong and competitive. I look forward to it every week.

6) Masterpiece Mystery!

Why: Duh. Because it's the best thing ever. We saw some new Miss Marple and are in the middle of some new productions of Poirot. They are darker, and he seems more mournful, but as I was telling Ice Princess, I'll take it. I have been rereading a lot of Agatha Christie just to determine how much mucking around w/the screen plays they've been doing. I don't care too much. Two versions of a good story. Inspector Lewis comes next and I LOVE HIM. Perhaps more than Morse. Man Friend concurrs.

A Caffeinated Yarn likes it too. I squealed when I read her post

Well, time for lunchtime knits ...

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