Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Serious Knitting

I have been trying to knit as much as I can. I have all these projects in progress, and my sense of completion (as I've blog/whined/touted) about is ever elusive. The thing is, all I can think about is starting more projects.

Our work Knitting/Yarn group has begun a seamless topdown sweater, thanks to Sweater Guru D's volunteering to mentor all us, non garment knitters. She told us to have no fear! She is tackling our varying degrees of skill level and has been really encouraging and supportive. I picked a hooded pullover pattern from SimpleKnit Magazine.

There was such excitement in the air, as people learned about increasing for the first time. There was also a silence of group concentration, counting cast ons and rows. We also had a few people practicing basic crochet skills that J.Ro was mentoring. It was serious yarn time, and we were so excited we decided to meet again on Friday. :)

This is why I love knitting and most knitters. They really love that you love the same thing they do, even if your specific interests (socks, scarves, chunky, lace etc.) varies from theirs. Great friendships are bonded on prattling on about patterns and techniques. People whom I think on lame unfounded judgement I wouldn't think I would get along w/ have often turned out to be the sweetest most thoughtful people.

Most of the afternoon, between obligatory emails and research I found myself daydreaming about knitting. Patterns, and yarns in stash to match, which new yarns I would want with new patterns, and who I would give these items too.

I have been knitting 2 rows, half rows, whatever stitches I can get in, waiting for MUNI, waiting at the dentist. I am eating my lunch while I work so I can knit in a conference room for 20 or 30 mins. I am knitting after dinner, switching projects when I get into bed for 2 - 4 rows. I am on knitting fire.

The best part is I am having a GRAND TIME knitting. :)

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