Monday, July 12, 2010

Yarn Visit Kind of

I have to tell you, I had a pretty rock-tastic Sunday, except for the incessant needs of The Kid. He was pretty good considering we bored him to death. But he found things to read and build and really, as an only child you should be able to entertain yourself. Mom & Dad can't wear the clown outfit everyday. If he doesn't learn now, the adult consequences are ... well crap, just look at the people around you. You know what I'm talkin' about.

I don't know if you are all aware of this, but parenting requires like, patience. Also I found out, you have to do things for THEM even if you're not really in the mood. And one more note for those of you teetering on the edge. Be warned, there is no mute, volume control or demo mode.

Okay more stuff you already know. But I am a regurgitation queen. Just like one of those Antarctic Penguins. Come On! Who doesn't love a Penguin? Did you see that fantastic Nature last night? ZOWEE Momma! It was on PBS

Okay back to Sunday's Yarn Visit.

We decided on a mellow jammy Sunday which was pretty awesome. We had the in-laws visit. Totally nice and mellow and it's been a while since we've seen them. (Busy Ass People). Watched World Cup, and grazed on fridge snacks all day long. I managed some laundry stuff, which meant puttering around in my room.

Puttering around in my room long enough requires a visit to the Box and Basket. And there protected by plastic is my yarn, the alpaca, the malabrigo, the merino wash the bamboo and fun blends. The plastic is opaque, which means I have to actually open up the bags to see and remember it, squeeze it and feel it and love it. Sigh. Ahh.

My yarn looks good. My yarn beckons me to start a new project. My yarn is not a lot of sock yarn (thank god. I decided the next time I have insomnia, I'm going to look at pictures of sock projects on ravelry. zzzzzzzzzz).

I know I have been saying this, but really completion is around the corner I think for 2 projects in the next week or two realistically.

I have delusions of grandeur for the next projects and I think things in the queue will be shifted around again since the Tuesday Knitting Knerds at work are going to crack open a sweater Knit-Along with the quietda mentoring us. I have decided to go to the stash for this one, so I can justify some fall purchases ...

I feel like I should work on a few small pieces next, hat, handwarmers, I don't know. But I fear another complicated shawl or blanket. Yet that is what I want to move in the stash the most ... the afghan/blanket yarn.

Oh not to mention, when the family was in town there was some talk of me maybe sending out a completed project this winter and The Kid reminds me, "well don't forget my blanket and my mini-figure!" (Well crap, tell your dad not to forget about winning the lotto for us either -- b/c ole Moms here is going to need some more knitting time. I'm no speed demon obviously.)

I know what will happen I will end up with another 3 concurrent projects going and it will be another 3 - 4 months for completion of them. crap. Well it can't take that long. Because then I really will be obsessing about the holidays in September.

I've come so far, but think that I will be visiting my yarn a lot longer than I anticipated before I can "regain custody" of some of the good stuff. Crap.

I love you yarn! Momma will be back soon! sniff sniff.

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